Fans take clinic up on their offer

Iraqi clinic offers free health screenings for Barcelona fans after Super Cup defeat

MAYSAN, January 15 — The Abu Sajja Clinic in Maysan governorate’s Amarah city has announced free diabetes and blood pressure screenings for supporters of the Barcelona football club after the team’s defeat in a match against Real Madrid in the Spanish Super Cup final on Sunday.

The clinic’s owner, Mohammed Al-Lami Abu Sajja shared with 964media:

We are offering free blood pressure and diabetes screenings for three days as a gesture of sympathy for Barcelona supporters following their loss against Real Madrid in the Spanish Super Cup final.

We have made it a tradition to provide similar offers for fans of opposing teams in European tournaments, demonstrating sportsmanship and showing support for the victories of Real Madrid.

Several fans visited the clinic after the match yesterday evening, and their blood pressure was found to be elevated because of their intense support.

Real Madrid and Barcelona competed in the Spanish Super Cup final at the King Fahd Stadium in Saudi Arabia. The match concluded with Real Madrid winning 4-1.