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Video: Mosul welcomes its first fashion house by designer Hind Al-Obaidi

NINEVEH, MOSUL, January 15 — In a cultural and entrepreneurial event, fashion designer Hind Al-Obaidi has inaugurated Mosul’s first fashion house. Situated in the Al-Muthanna market on the city’s left side, this fashion house marks a new chapter in Mosul’s artistic and design landscape.

Al-Obaidi, a pioneering figure in the region’s fashion industry, showcased her unique designs at the inaugural Women’s Fashion Carnival in Nineveh. She shared with 964media her plans to expand her influence in the fashion world by opening an academy aimed at nurturing upcoming talent in design.

Having launched her career in Erbil two years ago, Hind is the first fashion designer from Mosul to establish a brand under her own name. She started by creating custom designs upon request and, a year ago, opened a small exhibition to display her creations. Today, she has expanded her presence with a larger exhibition and has moved her workshop into Mosul itself.

Speaking to 964media, Hind Al-Obaidi shared her journey in the fashion industry. “Designing began as a hobby in my childhood. I used to design my clothes and get them tailored. In 2020, I studied design in Turkey and Dubai under Turkish and Syrian designers. Since 2021, I have worked as a designer in Erbil and participated in several exhibitions.”

“Fashion design is like a sea that requires deep exploration,” Al-Obaidi reflects. She continues to study design and is committed to furthering her craft. “A year ago, I established my private workshop in Erbil. To gauge the interest of Mosul’s women in my work, I set up a small exhibition in Mosul. The admiration and interest of the women there encouraged me to continue and expand my venture in Mosul,” she added.