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Unconfirmed wolf sightings in Goyzha spark caution in Sulaymaniyah

SULAYMANIYAH, January 13 — Reports of a wolf sighting in Goyzha, Sulaymaniyah, have been circulating on social platforms, drawing public attention. However, the forest police have yet to officially confirm the presence of wolves in this specific area.

While instances of wolf sightings in Sulaymaniyah, particularly in the Qaradagh district and other regions, have been documented, the situation in Goyzha remains unverified. A spokesperson for the Sulaymaniyah Forest and Environment Police, Hemn Kamarkhani, informed 964media that their teams have only recorded wolf sightings in the Qaradagh district and other areas, not around Goyzha.

The report emerged from a video captured by mountaineer Ali Hussein, who claimed to have seen a wolf at the base of Goyzha. This video has since been shared across personal social media accounts, accompanied by messages urging caution for tourists and mountaineers.

Kamarkhani highlighted the potential risks associated with wolves, describing them as “savage animals.” He emphasized the importance of protecting the lives of children and youth from possible incidents involving wolves. He speculated that if a wolf were present in the area, it might be in search of food or shelter, particularly considering the cold weather.