Commercial modelling

Basra’s advertising industry booms with new talents

BASRA, January 13 — Basra’s commercial advertising industry is witnessing significant growth amid increased investment activities and the launch of various market projects. This surge has led to a growing interest in commercial modelling, attracting both young men and women to the field. Despite facing societal criticism, this sector has become a steady income source for many.

Shahzalan Mohannad, a model speaking to 964media, shared her journey in the industry. Starting as a hobby, commercial modelling became a continuous income source for her over the past year. Mohannad emphasized the artistic aspect of her work, distinguishing it from the perception of models as “fashionistas” focused on showcasing their bodies. She finds joy in the diversity of experiences and locations that her job offers. With her family’s support, Shahzalan remains unaffected by societal judgments.

Abbas Nahed, a secondary school student and aspiring model, expressed his passion for commercial modelling. He plans to further his skills by enrolling in an art college after completing his secondary education. Nahed’s dedication to learning from international and local trainers and attending relevant events has enhanced his expertise in the field.

Hassan Ahmad, a casting director, highlighted the increased professionalism in Basra’s advertising sector. Roles like his, focusing on administrative responsibilities and model selection, have emerged as the industry evolved. Ahmad plays a crucial role in negotiating models’ fees and aligning them with technical specifications and project budgets. Fees average around $50 per day but vary based on experience, fame, and project specifics.

The advertising market in Basra thrives on the city’s expanding investment environment, covering diverse fields. Young talent, armed with cameras, filming tools, and advanced expertise, are increasingly entering the field. Their reasonable fees make them attractive to advertisers, offering a competitive alternative to larger agencies.