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Baghdad’s Al-Mutanabbi street readers flock to literary classics and fitness books

Al-MUTANABBI STREET, BAGHDAD, 12 January, On Al-Mutanabbi Street this Friday, readers showed keen interest in unpublished poems of the late poet Yousif Al-Sayigh, recently compiled by Dar Sutoor, while works of the renowned Egyptian writer Naguib Mahfouz, especially his famous trilogy, topped the sales. Publishers expressed joy over the youth’s renewed interest in classic Arabic literature.

Highlights from Al-Mutanabbi Street:
Sattar Mohsen, owner of Dar Sutoor, spoke to 964media: “Dar Sutoor has been focusing on reviving the heritage of Iraqi authors who have made a real impact, especially in poetry. Among them is the great poet Yousif Al-Sayigh. After publishing his memoirs, we are now presenting his unpublished poems, especially from the last phase of his life before 2003. The book titled ‘Wake up, Yousif’ is a collaboration with poet Ali Wajih and Dr. Atheer Mohammed Shahab, and it has been one of the most requested books this week.”

Ali Al-Sabti of Sayyid’s Bookstore shared: “This week saw good demand for Naguib Mahfouz’s works, particularly his trilogy ‘Palace Walk’, ‘Sugar Street’, and ‘Palace of Desire’. Each novel in this series is named after the Cairo neighborhood where its story takes place, spanning several Egyptian generations in the first half of the 20th century.

Another book that’s been in demand, especially among athletes, is ‘Strength Training Anatomy’ by Frederic Delavier. This book falls under the categories of sports, physical health, and anatomical medicine, and has gained wide readership. I recommend this book to the youth to discover the secrets hidden in our bodies.”