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Basra: Sombre remembrance on fourth anniversary of journalists’ assassination

BASRA, 12 January — In an atmosphere marked by grief, the Basra media community and families commemorated the fourth anniversary of the assassination of photojournalist Safaa Ghali and his colleague, TV reporter Ahmad Abdul Samad. The families continue to seek justice for their lost loved ones.

Abdul Amir Yaqoob, Safaa’s uncle, expressed his sorrow to 964media: “Today marks the fourth anniversary of the heinous crime committed by a criminal gang against journalists Safaa Ghali and Ahmad Abdul Samad. We demand the Basra governor and security authorities to enforce the death sentence issued against one of the criminals currently imprisoned.”

Ahmad Salem, a friend of Safaa Ghali, reflected on the impact of their loss: “The fourth anniversary of Safaa and Ahmad’s passing is a painful reminder. These years have been profoundly affecting for their friends and loved ones.”

Journalist Hassan Mazloom remembered the duo: “Ahmad and Safaa formed an exceptional media team. Their synergy was remarkable. We always felt at ease around them. They were symbols of good character and passion for their work, especially in challenging locations and events, always trying to lighten their own burdens to keep going.”

Ahmad Abdul Samad, a respected TV reporter, and his colleague, photojournalist Safaa Ghali, were assassinated in Basra on January 10, 2020. The attack occurred amidst a wave of protests in Iraq, where journalists were often targeted for their coverage of the demonstrations and government responses.

Abdul Samad was known for his reporting on these protests, providing critical coverage of political corruption and social issues in Iraq. Their assassination sent shockwaves through the journalistic community, highlighting the dangers faced by media professionals in the region.

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