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Jalawla Market: A Hub of Local Produce and Community Resilience

JALAWLA, DIYALA, 12 January — In the city of Jalawla, part of Khanaqin in northeastern Diyala, the local market serves as a major commercial center, attracting residents for their daily shopping needs. The local 964media correspondent conducted a tour in the market.

Jalal Al-Qaisi, a resident, describes the market as the largest commercial gathering in Jalawla. He notes that the prices of goods are similar to those in other areas, like Baqubah. However, he points out that some food items, fruits, and vegetables are cheaper due to vendors understanding the economic conditions of families in the area. Despite transportation challenges to Jalawla, vendors maintain low profit margins.

Al-Qaisi also mentions the ongoing recovery efforts from the war, with many families still rebuilding their homes, indicating persistent economic challenges.

Omar Al-Sumaidaie, a fruit and vegetable seller, states that most of the market’s produce is locally sourced. He lists the prices for various items, including oranges, apples, pomegranates, tomatoes, potatoes, cucumbers, and eggplants, noting their affordability as their prices range fro 500 to 1500 dinars per kilogram.

The produce, according to Al-Sumaidaie, comes from regions such as Diyala, Nineveh, Basra, and Diwaniyah. He observes a strong demand for Iraqi products, attributed to their freshness and taste, contrasting with imported goods that he says lack flavor.

Al-Sumaidaie says that women customers often inquire about the origin of tomatoes, preferring Iraqi ones for cooking, especially for dishes like frying and stews.