Operations to resume tomorrow

Government-subsidy promises resolve Erbil bakery dispute

ERBIL, January 10 – A resolution has been reached in Erbil between the government and bakery owners following prolonged negotiations. Starting tomorrow, bakeries across the city will reopen, selling 10 loaves of bread for 1,000 dinars.

The dispute, which lasted three days, revolved around the government’s proposal for bakeries to sell 10 loaves for 1,000 dinars, each weighing 90 grams. As a concession, the government offered to slash gas prices to 300 dinars per liter, down from 600 dinars, halve electricity costs for bakeries, and provide government-subsidised flour.

Bakery owners initially opposed this, arguing for the feasibility of selling 8 loaves for 1,000 dinars, considering their overhead costs. Over 600 of Erbil’s 1,300 bakeries ceased operations in protest, with a representative stating, “The new price does not benefit us.”

Bakeries in Erbil have varied in their pricing practices, with some selling four 160-gram loaves for 1,000 dinars and others eight 90-gram loaves at the same price.

Flour types in the market include Turkish flour priced between 35,000 to 40,000 dinars per hundred kilograms, Russian flour between 28,000 to 33,000 dinars, and local flour at approximately 32,000 dinars.

Initial policy implementation led to protests in front of the Erbil governorate office. Protester Idris Masoud, who was later arrested and released, argued against placing financial burdens on the poor.

Erbil’s Governor Omed Khoshnaw said, “10 loaves should be sold for 1,000 dinars,” considering the concessions made. Mayor Nabaz Abdulhamid confirmed the provision of government-supported flour at 29,000 dinars per sack, enabling bakeries to resume operations under the new pricing scheme.

Representative Wasta Hezhar confirmed the agreement to 964media, ensuring the reopening of bakeries from tomorrow.