In the melody of Homer Dzeyi

Chia Mohammed: The rising star with a distinctive voice

SULAYMANIYAH, January 10 – At the young age of 25, Chia Mohammed is making waves in the Kurdish music world with his unique voice and style. Known for his captivating reinterpretations of songs by the renowned Homer Dizeyi, often referred to as the Kurdish Frank Sinatra, Chia is fast becoming a name synonymous with fresh and invigorating musical talent.

Initially facing criticism, Chia’s perseverance and unique approach to music have won him admirers, gradually positioning him as a promising new voice in the industry. His journey reflects not just the evolution of an artist, but also the emergence of a style that resonates with a growing audience seeking novelty in music.

Chia Mohammed’s story is one of resilience and artistic exploration, marking him as a young singer to watch in the vibrant landscape of contemporary Kurdish music.

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