Port authority visits Shanghai

Iraqi delegation meets with Chinese company on Grand Faw Port expansion

BAGHDAD, January 9 — A senior-level Iraqi delegation has held discussions with a major Chinese company to discuss expansion projects at Basra’s Grand Faw Port, according to the head of the General Company for Iraqi Ports.

Furhan Al-Fartousi is leading the delegation’s visit to China and provided an overview of the talks.

Furhan Al-Fartousi, Director of the General Company for Iraqi Ports:

The delegation from the General Company for Iraqi Ports includes the Director of the Grand Faw Port Authority, the Director of the Southern Umm Qasr Port, the Director of the Contracts Department at the Ministry of Transportation, and several engineers from the company.

We had a meeting with Third Harbor Company at their headquarters in Shanghai, specifically with their branch specializing in design and investment services. We reviewed the company’s profile and that of other affiliated companies.

The meeting included a presentation of the technical proposal for the construction of Container Terminal 2, planned as part of the expansion of the Grand Faw Port.