Further price drops expected

Kurdistan Region’s poultry industry faces 75 billion dinar loss in 2023

ERBIL, January 9 — The Poultry Farms Association reported on Tuesday that chicken farmers in the Kurdistan Region incurred losses of an estimated 75 billion dinars in 2023, primarily due to low prices, and prompting a plea for market intervention.

Nazim Abdullah, the head of the association, disclosed to 964 that the losses extended across 2,500 production farms, with each experiencing a financial setback of nearly 30 million dinars.

Conditions worsened over a period of four months, marked by a drop in the price of chicken to 2,100 dinars per kilogram and the worsening of diseases within production facilities.

As a result, this year farms are expected to sell chickens at a loss, according to Abdullah, with prices potentially to 50 dinars.

The Ministry of Agriculture reports that 1,889 official poultry farm projects exist in the Kurdistan Region, collectively generating annual chicken production ranging from 250,000 to 270,000 tons.