Projects yet to begin

Ministry approves 486 million dinar water projects in Sulaymaniyah

SULAYMANIYAH, January 8 — The Ministry of Municipalities and Tourism has greenlit two water initiatives in Sulaymaniyah, with a combined budget of 486 million dinars.

The endeavors encompass installation of water pipelines to fortify Wuluba neighborhood’s water supply and provide a booster pump for a Sulaymaniyah Water Directorate water project.

The ministry has issued directives to initiate the projects, financed by 17 percent of Sulaymaniyah’s water revenue. Amanj Jalal, spokesperson for the directorate, confirmed that the projects are yet to commence but poised to benefit more than two neighborhoods.

Sulaymanyah relies on the Dukan-Sulaymanyah and Sarchnar pipeline projects for its water supply.