First out of a planned 1,000 schools

Al-Sudani inaugurates first model school in Nasiriyah under Iraqi-Chinese agreement

NASIRIYAH, January 8 — Prime Minister Mohammed Shiaa’ Al-Sudani inaugurated a modern school in Nasiriyah on Monday , as part of the Iraqi-Chinese agreement project to build new public schools and fit them with modern equipment.

A statement from Al-Sudani’s office said:

The Prime Minister, Mr. Mohammed Shiaa’ Al-Sudani, opened on Monday morning the first of the modern school buildings in the Sumer district of Nasiriyah, as part of the Iraqi-Chinese agreement project.

Mr. Al-Sudani commended the school building’s completion, which includes 12 classrooms, and emphasized the continuation of the school project, which will comprise 106 school buildings in Dhi Qar governorate, among a total of 1,000 school buildings across Iraq.

He also praised the high-level quality of implementation, affirming that school projects represent a crucial aspect of the government’s efforts to support the education sector by completing the necessary infrastructure, with high performance and within specified timelines.