Ahead of the high council meeting

Finance minister discusses women’s rights with other ministers

BAGHDAD, January 6 — On Saturday, Minister of Finance, Taif Sami, discussed with the Ministers of Communications and Migration, as well as the Advisor to the Prime Minister, the protection of women’s rights in Iraq.

Statement by the Ministry of finance:

Minister of Finance, Taha Sami Mohammed, met today, Saturday, with the honorable Ministers of Communications and Migration, along with the Advisor to the Prime Minister for Women’s Affairs, at the office of the Minister of Finance, to discuss the items of the above-mentioned ministerial order in preparation for the first preparatory meeting of the Higher Council for Women. The meeting is expected to take place in the next ten days, with invitations extended to all members of the council.

The council aims to solidify the recognition and affirmation of the fundamental value of women’s rights, as guaranteed by the constitution. It also seeks to activate and ensure the availability, respect, and protection of these rights on the ground. The council’s tasks include promoting women’s rights and empowerment through strategic initiatives, advocating for policies and cooperative efforts with various stakeholders, ensuring equal opportunities, and eliminating gender-based discrimination to enhance comprehensive development.

The minister urged collaboration to take necessary measures that would elevate the level of women’s performance in government institutions.