Nearly $900 million in value

Jordan’s Chamber of Commerce announces Iraq as top destination for exports in 2023

BAGHDAD, January 4 — Jordan’s Chamber of Commerce has announced that Iraq topped the list of countries importing its goods during 2023, at a total value of 639 million Jordanian dinars ($888 million).

Statement from the Chamber of Commerce read:

Statistical data revealed that Jordan’s trade exports were distributed as follows: approximately 639 million Jordanian dinars to Iraq, 194 million to the United Arab Emirates, 98 million to Saudi Arabia, and 97 million to Egypt. Switzerland followed with a value of 92 million Jordanian dinars.

Foreign product re-exports during the past year amounted to approximately 607 million dinars, with industrial exports at 201 million dinars, Arab exports at 189 million dinars, and agricultural exports at around 175 million dinars. The remainder accounted for various other types of goods.

It is worth mentioning that the Chamber issues certificates of origin for Jordanian agricultural, animal, and raw natural resource products, as well as for foreign goods that are re-exported or purchased from the local market under specified conditions.