KRG releases official numbers on incarceration

Approximately 7,000 prisoners released from detention in 2023

ERBIL, January 3 — Approximately 7,378 individuals were arrested in the Kurdistan Region in 2023, according to the General Directorate of Prisons, while 6,529 individuals were released from prisons across the region.

Khalid Mohammed, spokesperson for the directorate, said prisoners benefitted from a number of services during the year including 105 training courses and 276 seminars. Some 54,331 prisoners also received health services through visits to health centers and hospitals.

Prisoners displayed interest in education programs last year, with 62,252 visits to prison libraries recorded. Additionally, 599 individuals participated in work activities within the correctional facilities.

The report also highlighted that 1,171 prisoners were released on parole in 2023.