Repatriation efforts underway

Death of Lebanese Village executive director sparks rumors on social media

ERBIL, January 3 — The reported death of Tariq Adnan Amash, the Executive Director of the Lebanese Village residential complex in Erbil, has garnered much attention and speculation on social media platforms.

964 spoke with lawyer Zhyar Kakarash Naqshbandi, currently engaged in legal procedures to repatriate Amash’s body to his home country of Lebanon.

In an telephone interview with 964, Naqshbandi offered a detailed account of events leading to Amash’s death. He disclosed, “Tarq was a close friend of mine. A few days before the New Year, we were together in Lebanon, visiting his family. He had a heart attack a year ago and recently suffered from back and neck problems. He returned to Erbil on December 26.” Continuing, he stated, “On December 31, his health deteriorated. After being sent to Newroz Hospital, his heart stopped at 8:30 p.m.”

Amash held dual citizenship in France and Lebanon, and had lived in Erbil for five years.

Naqshbandi said procedures to repatriate Amash’s body were underway, and documentation, including the death certificate, had been confirmed by the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Justice, and Foreign Relations Office. Amash’s brother has also arrived in Erbil, he said.

Addressing circulating rumors, an Ainkawa police officer, who was present at Amash’s residence on the night he died, stated, “We reject all rumors that he was killed. Upon arrival, foam was coming out of his mouth, and we observed several pills.”

Mohammed Miran, spokesperson for Hariri Company, countered speculation, asserting, “We have evidence that Tariq Amash was not killed but died of a heart attack.”

Situated on Bahrka Road in northern Erbil city, Lebanese Village encompasses several residential towers.