Buyers see 50% price drop

Thi Qar dates flood Nasiriyah markets

NASIRIYAH, August 5 — The price of dates in Nasiriyah’s markets witnessed a sharp decline of 50%, influenced by an influx of abundant produce from the orchards of Thi Qar into the city’s markets in recent days.

Substantial quantities of Thi Qar dates have entered the city’s markets, expanding beyond their traditional availability in Basra’s market. This surge in supply has resulted in a significant drop in prices, leading to wide demand.

The dates are brought from orchards in Suq Al-Shuyukh, Al-Fadhiliyah, and Karmat Bani Sa’eed, which produce large quantities of dates in various varieties.

Abu Abbas, a dates seller, stated: “The price per kilogram of Ashta Umran dates dropped to 2,000 dinars from the previous price of 4,000 dinars. Similarly, Shuwethi dates declined to 3,500 dinars per kilogram, previously priced at 6,000 dinars, and Zahidi dates now cost 1,500 dinars.”

Mohammed Star, another dates seller, mentioned: “Shuwethi dates are considered one of the best varieties (large fruit and distinctive taste) and were usually reserved for the wealthy due to their high price. However, with the large quantities now available, they are no longer exclusive to them and may further decrease in price from the current rate.”