Samara pharmaceuticals

Anti-inflammatory drug locally produced in Iraq

Baghdad, December 31 – Samara Pharmaceuticals, affiliated with the Ministry of Industry, has recently announced the production of a new locally-made medication, “Samaxime.” This drug, primarily used as an anti-inflammatory for treating infections of the throat, tonsils, sinuses, middle ear, and urinary tract, is set to be launched soon in the Iraqi markets.

The Ministry of Industry said that the State Company for Drug Industry and Medical Supplies in Samara has developed Samaxime in two concentrations: 400 mg and 200 mg. This initiative is part of the company’s production plan for December.

Dr. Abdul Rahman Abbas Taama, General Manager of the company, noted that the Razi facility, specializing in antibiotic production, has commenced the manufacturing of Samaxime. The initial production includes 20,000 strips of the 200 mg capsules and 60,000 strips of the 400 mg variant. These will soon be available through the marketing agency for distribution in local markets.

Dr. Taama highlighted that Samaxime is manufactured to American and British standards, utilizing globally recognized raw materials. It stands out for its significant therapeutic effects and will be priced affordably, catering to the financial means of the average Iraqi citizen.