Over 200 women from across the MENA region

Yazidi woman named second runner-up in Miss Middle East pageant

BAGHDAD, December 30 — Amira Hani, a young Yazidi woman from Sinjar, was named second runner-up in the Miss Middle East and North Africa pageant held in the capital city, Baghdad, on Thursday night.

Marwa Al-Abbadi, a Baghdad native, won the coveted title of Miss Middle East, while Ghusoon Amjad, also from Baghdad, secured the first runner-up position.

Over 200 women from various Arab countries participated in the competition, including 40 from Iraq. Twenty finalists from different Arab nations advanced to the final stage, with Amira competing as contestant number six.

Amira Hani – Second Runner-Up at the Miss Middle East and North Africa pageant:

“I am extremely happy today, having succeeded after numerous attempts and despite significant challenges and societal criticism. I have achieved what I aimed for.”

“My message to all women is to strive earnestly to pursue their dreams and to highlight their role in contributing to self-development. Through this title, I aspire to assist orphaned children and victims of the terrorist actions of ISIS, especially Yazidi survivors of the genocide perpetrated by the organization in August 2014.”