One man plants 180 saplings

Group urges locals to plant trees to celebrate the New Year in Garmiyan

GARMIYAN, December 30 — An environmental organization in Garmiyan district is urging individuals to do what they can to plant trees in celebration of the New Year

Mohammed Hadi, the owner of a local beekeeping project, responded to the group’s call by planting 180 eucalyptus saplings.

Maroof Majid, the head of Aynda Organization for Environmental Protection, informed 964 that Hadi planted these saplings across various locations, including Kalar, Grdagozina, Sheikh Langari, and Ban Asiaw.

Highlighting the beekeeper’s well-chosen species, Majid pointed out that eucalyptus trees are an ideal choice due to the fact that they attract bees, offer a consistent supply of pollen and nectar, and serve as a reliable forage resource for bee colonies.