Connecting Faw Port and Umm Qasr

‘Development Road’ Project Reaches 60%

FAW PORT, BASRA, 28 December — The construction project of the connecting road between the Faw Grand Port and Umm Qasr has achieved 60% completion. This project is fundamental to the ‘Development Road’ initiative, which aims to link the East and the West through the Faw Grand Port.

The road’s purpose is to connect the Faw Grand Port to the Development Road leading to Europe. It will traverse the submerged tunnel, pass through Umm Qasr Port, and extend to the city of Safwan.

Imad Hameed, the project director, spoke to the 964media, highlighting the project’s significance.

This road will transport millions of tons of goods arriving at the Faw Port. It is being executed by the Korean Daewoo company and is one of the five main projects for the Faw Grand Port, which include:

– The Submerged Tunnel Project
– The Connecting Road Project
– The Wharves Project
– The Navigation Channel Project
– The Container Yard Project

We have started the asphalt paving phase today, following the stages of clearing the road from war remnants and the phase of removing bad soil and concrete pouring. The road is 62 km long, starting from the gate of the Faw Grand Port, passing through the submerged tunnel to the region of Umm Qasr, then to Safwan, and onto the highway to connect from there to the Development Road. The road includes two bridges, one for each direction, and work on them continues with completion rates reaching 45%. All the concrete pouring works on both sides of the road and the median strip have been fully completed. Our teams are divided into four groups working along the length of the road. This road links the two most important ports in Iraq, the Faw Port and Umm Qasr Port, and will be used for the transportation of goods to the Development Road. It also serves a local purpose, as it will be used by citizens for travel between the two areas.