Covering 80% of the city

Baghdad mayor announces approaching launch of capital’s metro

BAGHDAD, December 28 — The Mayor of Baghdad, Ammar Musa, announced that the capital’s metro system will soon become a reality as the municipality is actively working on its implementation. He emphasized that the metro project aims to cover 80% of the city’s areas.

A statement from the secretariat, read:

The Mayor of Baghdad, Engineer Ammar Musa Kazem, declared that the long-awaited Baghdad Metro is on the verge of realization with the support of the service-oriented government. He affirmed that the metro project will encompass approximately 80% of the city’s areas.

During a meeting at the Baghdad Municipality headquarters, attended by the Prime Minister’s Transport Affairs Advisor (Nasser Al-Asadi), the Technical Deputy Mayor, the Director-General of the Design Department, and the engineering team, the Mayor conveyed that the recent Cabinet session approved the necessary financial allocations for contracting with a global consultancy firm to provide a comprehensive vision for implementing the Baghdad Metro.

He emphasized that the Baghdad Metro project, a longstanding initiative with multiple previous studies, is now gaining momentum under the administration of the service-oriented government. The renewed vision for managing the metro project is progressing, and the Mayor expressed confidence that the project would soon come to fruition, serving the residents of the capital.

Mayor Kazem noted that the proposed new metro areas would cover around 80% of Baghdad, addressing traffic congestion and meeting transportation needs for residential complexes and densely populated areas.

The Prime Minister’s Transport Affairs Advisor highlighted that the metro project is now a top priority for the Iraqi government, receiving personal attention from the Prime Minister. Contracts with a specialized consultancy entity, globally renowned in the field of trains, are currently underway.