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Turkish airstrikes on Penjwen villages in Sulaymaniyah

PENJWEN, December 27 – Today, the Penjwen district witnessed a series of airstrikes conducted by Turkey, targeting the villages of Saliyawa and Kani Miran. According to a security forces source in Penjwen district who spoke to 964media, there have been a total of five bombings since the morning. Kani Miran village bore the brunt of the attacks with four bombings, while Saliyawa experienced one shelling.

The security of the road leading to the affected areas remains uncertain, posing challenges for direct verification of the situation, as per the security source.

Inquiries made to Penjwen General Hospital revealed that, as of now, no injured individuals from these incidents have been admitted for treatment.

Jwamer Karim, a resident of Kani Miran village and a witness to the events, informed 964media that the drone bombings occurred about one kilometer away from the village.

Turkey has frequently cited the presence of members of the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) as the rationale for its continued bombardment of various regions within the Kurdistan Region.