Saying meetings were positive

Al-Sudani calls for turning new page in relations with Washington

NEWSROOM — Iraqi Prime Minister Mohammed Shia Al-Sudani stated that his visit to the United States aimed to initiate a fresh chapter in the relationship between the two nations.

Addressing the Washington-based Atlantic Council, Al-Sudani underscored his government’s intent to activate the terms of the Strategic Framework Agreement signed in 2008 between Iraq and the U.S. The agreement lays the groundwork for comprehensive political, security, economic, and cultural relations between the two countries.

Al-Sudani arrived in Washington on April 14, leading a senior government and business delegation.

Al-Sudani highlighted his extensive meetings with political, business, and cultural leaders in the U.S., noting a positive atmosphere of understanding during his trip.

Emphasizing his government’s “Iraq first” approach to foreign policy, the prime minister asserted that the country had “regained its health,” witnessing a resurgence in services and economic development.

He noted the growing interest of U.S. companies in entering the Iraqi market, attributing it to improved security and stability conditions at home.

Al-Sudani added that during negotiations with the U.S. Treasury Department, he had stressed the need to review certain procedures against Iraqi banks. Currently, the U.S. Treasury has sanctioned at least 14 Iraqi banks over money laundering activities involving Iran and other regional actors. Al-Sudani expressed his government’s commitment to carrying out economic and financial reforms.

Regarding the conflict in Gaza, the prime minister denounced it as an “unjust war,” warning of the grave dangers it poses to the region. He called for an immediate cessation of hostilities, cautioning against the escalation of the crisis.