To develop gas and border fields

Iraq and Iran agree form joint energy committee

BAGHDAD, December 27 — The Ministry of Oil, in agreement with its Iranian counterpart, formed a joint committee today, Wednesday, for the development of border fields, as well as a committee for the investment and consolidation of gas and petrochemical industries.

The Ministry stated:

Deputy Prime Minister for Energy Affairs and Oil Minister of Iraq emphasized the country’s commitment to enhancing bilateral relations with the Islamic Republic of Iran in the fields of oil, energy, and expanding the prospects of cooperation between the two neighboring nations.

This statement came during a joint meeting between the oil ministries of Iraq and Iran.

The Deputy Prime Minister for Energy Affairs and Oil Minister highlighted that the meeting affirmed the depth of historical relations between the two neighboring countries and their influential roles in OPEC and global markets as leading oil and gas producers.

The Minister of Oil mentioned the agreement with his Iranian counterpart, Mr. Javad Owji, to establish specialized committees to strengthen and broaden opportunities for mutual cooperation. These include committees for the development of shared border fields, in accordance with international norms and practices that ensure the rights of each party. Other committees focus on collaborative investment in gas, petrochemical industries, renewable energy, refinery rehabilitation and development, joint training and development, as well as collaboration in oil marketing, drilling, pipeline supply, spare parts, oil exploration, and more.

The joint meeting also included the signing of a memorandum of cooperation in the field of training and development, signed by the Deputy Minister for Extraction Affairs, Mr. Basem Mohammed Khudair, and his Iranian counterpart.

Deputy Prime Minister for Energy Affairs and Oil Minister Hayaan Abdul Ghani arrived in Iran on Tuesday for an official visit during which he met with several officials in the Iranian government and Ministry of Oil.

The delegation included the Deputy Minister for Extraction Affairs, the Director-General of Basra Oil Company, the Director-General of Maysan Oil Company, the Director-General of Iraq Oil Marketing Company, the Director-General of Oil Projects Company, the Director-General of the Studies, Planning, and Follow-up Department, the Director-General of the Research and Development Center, and the Minister’s Office Director.