Plant promises substantial profits

Farmers in Kurdistan Region encouraged to grow stevia

ERBIL, December 26 — The Erbil Agriculture Directorate is calling on farmers in the Kurdistan Region to cultivate stevia, a plant well-suited to the area’s climate and potential to generate substantial profits.

Stevia, a tender perennial native to Brazil and Paraguay, flourishes in humid environments. Sweeter than sugar cane and calorie-free, it proves useful, especially for those managing diabetes.

Shirzad Salah Ali, the head of the Forestry Department at the Erbil Agricultural Research Directorate, shared with 964 that testing has been conducted, revealing no obstacles for cultivating the plant in the region.

Products derived from stevia are currently available in Erbil’s markets, priced at 8,000 dinars per 100 grams.

Ali underscored that Kurdistan’s climate and environment are proper for stevia production, with the planting season typically commencing in April and harvesting starting in October.