Rawanduz site dates back to 1826

Neglected historic mill sparks concern for preservation of landmarks

RAWANDUZ, December 25 — Images circulating on social media in the Kurdistan Region depict what is purported to be the neglected remains of a mill dating back to the reign of Mir Muhammad Pasha, known as the Pashay Gawra, or the ‘Great King.’ The scenes suggest a disturbing state of decay, with the monument’s surroundings marred by litter and debris.

Upon investigation, 964 brought the matter to the attention of Chiayi Mohammed, the Mayor of Rawanduz, who confirmed the historical significance of the monument, which traces its origins back to 1826. Positioned near a river beneath the village of Kawlokan, the neglected mill stands as a remnant of a bygone era.

“Starting tomorrow, the environs of the monument will undergo cleaning and fencing to deter further littering,” Mohammed assured, emphasizing a swift response to rectify the situation.

In a critical assessment, the mayor highlighted concerns regarding broader preservation efforts of landmarks in Rawanduz and Soran, criticizing a perceived failure to document and protect historical sites.