Against Erbil and Baghdad governments

Iraqi Federal Supreme Court to deliberate on KRG employees lawsuit

BAGHDAD, December 24 — The Iraqi Federal Supreme Court is set to deliberate on two complaints concerning the salaries and promotion schemes of employees in the Kurdistan Region, as detailed in the court’s published agenda.

The first complaint is lodged by four employees of the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG). They are calling for the reinstatement of their promotion rights, which have been halted. This legal action is aimed at enforcing compliance with the budget law by both the Iraqi and Kurdistan Regional Governments. The employees seek to ensure not only the timely disbursement of KRG employee salaries but also the restoration of their benefits under the law.

The second complaint to be examined by the Federal Court is brought forward by nine KRG employees. This lawsuit is directed against the Prime Minister and the Finance Minister of KRG. In their grievance, the employees argue that both the KRG and the Ministry of Finance should be legally obligated to implement the existing salary law for public sector employees (Law No. 22 of 2018, as amended). They specifically refer to the enforcement of Articles 6, 7, 8, and 9 of this law.

Additionally, these employees are demanding the annulment of any decisions or instructions that have led to the suspension of employee promotions.