Students excel at Middle East and Central Asia rounds

Garmiyan University achieves third place in Huawei ICT Competition

GARMIAN, December 23 — A team from Garmiyan University secured third place at the Huawei ICT Competition in the Middle East and Central Asia, held at Bahrain Polytechnic University.

Pishtiwan Jabar, the head of Huawei Academy at Garmiyan University and the team’s supervisor, revealed that three Iraqi students won the third spot in at the annual competition in Bahrain this year.

Jabar outlined the competition’s three technological categories, encompassing networking, computing, and cloud computing. Notably, a Garmiyan student excelled in the cloud computing category, earning the university the third-place distinction.

Participating in the competition were student Govar Dilshad Ali from Garmiyan University and two students from the University of Human Development.

The competition’s final round is scheduled to take place in China.

Huawei has established the Huawei Academy at universities around the world, including in the Middle East and the Kurdistan Region, underscoring its commitment to fostering technological skills. Through these academies, Huawei identifies and nurtures talent in the field, contributing to the development of individuals with proficiency in technology.