Over Nine Years

236 Iraqi Asylum Seekers Reported Missing

ERBIL, December 19 – The Summit Foundation for Refugee Affairs (SFRA) has unveiled alarming statistics on the fate of Iraqi asylum seekers over the past nine years. As of 2023, a concerning total of 236 Iraqis who ventured into Europe in search of asylum have been reported missing, highlighting the perilous journey faced by these individuals.

SFRA’s data, encompassing the years from 2015 to 2023, shows that the number of refugees and migrants hailing from the Kurdistan Region and Iraq has reached 19,500 this year. This number marks a dramatic decline from the peak of 186,000 in 2015, signaling a significant reduction in migration flows over the years.

Ari Jalal, the head of SFRA, spoke to 964media, detailing that within the same period, an overwhelming 760,323 refugees have sought asylum in Europe. Tragically, among these hopeful migrants, 321  individuals lost their lives.