Major parties dominate polling centers

Financial disparities in political observers’ payments impact polling stations in Najaf

NAJAF, December 18 — Political entities’ election observers in Najaf carry out their duties inside polling centers in exchange for financial compensation up to 200,000 dinars per day.

Some entities have been unable to pay that amount and settled for 50,000 dinars and a lunch, resulting in over representation by observers from major parties in most polling centers.

One observer, identified as A.J., told 964:

Observers stand in the election centers, and each entity is not allowed to bring in more than two people to the polling stations.

Some entities paid 200,000 dinars per day for each observer, but smaller entities paid 50,000 and lunch, creating a significant difference in the number of observers.

Major political parties distributed their observers to most polling centers, while others confined themselves to certain areas where most of their supporters reside.