Electric saws see jump in sales

Provincial elections raise demand for power tools

KIRKUK, December 18 — Iraq’s provincial council elections are causing a jump in demand for power tools in Kirkuk in recent days, with a particular rise in buyers looking for electric and circular saws.

Traders are looking to seize an opportunity to extract metal bars from campaign banners in Kirkuk and other Iraqi governates. Once ballots close late Monday, individuals equipped with saws begin breaking down election banners, subsequently selling the scap metal in local markets.

Hawar Mohammed works in a garage that buys scrap metals and plastic. He told 964, “We procure scrap iron from [sellers] at 350 dinars per kilogram.”

Mohammed Malik owns a shop that sells power tools and confirmed an increase in demand for saws over the past several days.

A source from the Kirkuk Municipality informed 964 that removal of candidates’ banners is the responsibility of respective political lists who must take charge of removing them from the streets and public spaces.