Interior Ministry Denies Penalizing Election Boycotters Among its Members

Iraq’s Ministry of the Interior has officially denied enforcing participation in the elections among its personnel, emphasizing that there is no legal basis for penalizing those who choose to boycott.

This statement comes in response to leaked audio fingerprints, allegedly from security leaders, compelling members to participate in the elections. This also follows media circulation of documents allegedly directing the segregation of voting and non-voting members.

In a conversation with journalist Sarmad Al-Bayati, Ministry spokesperson Brigadier Maqdad Mery Al-Moussawi stated, “In law, there can be no crime or punishment without a legal basis. There is no legal text that allows for the punishment of a member or officer for not participating in elections. This is a matter of personal freedom.”

He further questioned, “What is the problem if they do not vote? We have no issues and have taken no actions, as no such procedure exists in the Interior Ministry.”