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Malfunction will not be repeated on general voting day, IHEC spokesperson

BAGHDAD, December 17 — The spokesperson for the Independent High Election Commission, IHEC, Jumana Al-Ghalai, told 964media on Sunday that the commission will use the same electronic verification and results acceleration devices in the general election tomorrow, Monday. However, she simultaneously affirmed that the failure of these devices will not be repeated.

In an exclusive statement to 964media, Al-Ghalai said:

“What happened yesterday was a technical issue related to result transmission. The Korean company has confirmed that the voting data, result reports, and images of the ballots are stored in the device’s memory. Therefore, the entire station has been transferred to the audit center. The counting and sorting will be done manually after the general voting concludes.

The commission will manually review and tally the voting results for these stations in the presence of local and international observers, media representatives, attendees, as well as political party representatives and candidates, with surveillance cameras in place.

The technical glitch that occurred yesterday has no connection to the general election tomorrow, and it will not be repeated. We will use the same electronic verification and results acceleration devices.

The process will take place tomorrow, and it will proceed smoothly and safely. We will open the polling stations at 7:00 AM.

There will be no issues in the general voting, as occurred in the special voting.”