Iraqi forces arrest suspect in New Baghdad for stealing women’s handbags

BAGHDAD, July 22 — Police in Baghdad announced on July 21 that forces had arrested a suspect in New Baghdad for stealing women’s handbags while on a motorcycle.

The Ministry of Interior issued a statement that read:

“The Anti-Crime Directorate in Baghdad, specifically the New Baghdad Office, managed to apprehend a suspect who was stealing women’s handbags in the eastern side of the city while riding a motorcycle. The suspect admitted to stealing several handbags containing money, gold jewelry, mobile devices, and documents.”

“The suspect’s statements were recorded, and the case was presented before the investigative judge, who ordered the suspect to be detained and legal measures to be taken against him, in accordance with Article 446 of the Penal Code.”

“In addition to this arrest, the Anti-Crime Directorate in Baghdad carried out other arrest orders against individuals wanted for theft, forgery, and motorcycle theft in various areas of both Karkh and Rusafa sides of Baghdad. These security measures were conducted to enforce the rule of law, and ensure the safety of citizens and their property.”