70% of stations failed, says expert.

As technical glitches persist, manual count becomes the fallback

BAGHDAD, December 17 — Many election stations that encountered technical problems are preparing to transfer their ballot boxes to the Central Auditing Center in the provinces. According to the election law, if results are not electronically transmitted within 6 hours of the polls closing, which indeed occurred today, they will have to resort to manual counting.

A significant number of election stations experienced technical malfunctions that prevented the electronic tallying and announcement of results.

According to instructions, the ballot boxes will be sealed with blue wax, and the lock numbers will be recorded in the presence of political entity representatives. Then, they will be transported to the provincial center, where the boxes will be opened in the presence of the representatives who will match the lock numbers and ensure the integrity of the transport.

Hussein Al-Fadhli, Head of Inmaa Organization for Legal Development, estimates that 70% of the stations across Iraq failed to send results electronically. Al-Fadhli questions, “What happened today represents no more than 10% of what will happen on general voting day… How will the process be controlled?”

Speaking to 964media, Al-Fadhli said that it will be nearly impossible to announce the election results within 24 hours and is puzzled by the obstacles that emerged today despite more than three successful simulation operations, according to IHEC.

Al-Fadhli does not think that the Korean experts will resolve the issue, stating that IHEC must act with its own staff as “the role of the Korean company is limited according to the agreements.”

Al-Fadhli, an electoral trainer and a member of the expert committee for selecting members of the Human Rights Commission Council in the current parliamentary session representing civil society organizations.