No extension of the vote

IHEC: 38% voter turnout in special voting

December 16 — The Independent High Electoral Commission of Iraq (IHEC) announced today that the special voting turnout reached 38% by 2:00 PM, emphasizing that there will be no extension of the voting period.

According to a statement by IHEC, commission spokesperson Joumana Al-Ghalai stated: “Results of the special voting will be announced within 24 hours of the conclusion of the general voting.”

The IHEC clarified that there is no extension of the voting period, and the participation rate in the special voting has reached 38% thus far. They added, “the special voting is progressing freely without any interference from external entities”.

Turnout rates in special voting, by province:

Diwaniya: 48%
Babil: 42%
Maysan: 29%
Karbala: 41%
Najaf: 38%
Muthanna: 49%
Dhi Qar: 46%
Duhok: 37%
Nineveh: 43%
Kirkuk: 39%
Sulaymaniyah: 53%
Anbar: 41%”