With 500 seating capacity

Basra Oil Company inaugurates the City Sports stadium

BASRA, December 15 — On Thursday, the Basra Oil Company inaugurated the City Sports Stadium with a capacity of 500 spectators as part of the social benefits program for the West Qurna 1 oil field. The facility includes a stadium and a forum.

Asaad Aboud, the Director of the West Qurna 1 Field Operations for Network 964, stated:

“The Basra Oil Company opened this stadium as part of a program to serve the local community. We will continue to support the city of Madinah with projects, as we have increased the ceiling of social service funds for the West Qurna 1 field from 5 to 10 million dollars annually starting in 2024.”

Rafid Al-Shawi, the City Administrator, added:

“The City Sports Stadium project, with a seating capacity of 500 spectators, is part of the social benefits file for the year 2022. It includes a stadium and a sports forum constructed by the Sada Al-Umran Company. We promise the residents of the city to build a new stadium with a capacity of 10,000 spectators, providing a broader recreational space for the people of the district.”