Championship held in Baghdad

Team from Basra honored for winning first place in Iraq blind football championship

BASRA, December 15 — The Challenge Organization for People with Disabilities honored the Basra team on Wednesday for securing the first-place position in the recently held Iraq Blind Football Championship in Baghdad.

Mohammed Al-Kaabi, the President of the Challenge Organization for People with Disabilities, stated to Network 964:

“As specialized civil society organizations dedicated to the care and support of people with special needs, we take pride in having such a category in the Basra community that achieves high accomplishments through self-effort. We applaud their efforts and support them in any way we can. Our message to the local government is to consider people with special needs, especially those with talents. The commendation with certificates of appreciation today at the Disabled Club in central Basra is a celebration of what the team has accomplished in this championship and an incentive for delivering the best in the future.”

Ayyad Al-Badri, the team’s coach, added:

“We competed with 10 teams, each group having 5 teams, and we advanced to the golden square with full points. We surpassed significant teams, such as the Wissam Al-Majd team from Baghdad, which secured the second position, and the Anbar Committee team, which came third. There were other strong teams like Al-Fallujah Club and Nourouz Club from Kurdistan. For the first time, our team has achieved this accomplishment, and our players have been training since 2011 with self-support. One of our players, Hassan Saleh, has been called up to the Iraqi national team. We hope to receive greater government support. Despite working with limited resources, we achieved the first-place position in Iraq. If we had the financial resources and support, we would achieve results at the Arab and global levels.”