Project tranfered to Ministry of Science and Technology

Iraq receives offers from French and Egyptian companies for its first satellite

BAGHDAD, December 15 — Iraq’s Parliamentary Committee on Transport and Communications says that the country has received proposals from French and Egyptian companies to build and launch its first satellite.

Committee member Zuhair Shahid Al-Fatlawi spoke to Al-Sabah newspaper and confirmed the Iraqi satellite project is still in the proposal stage. He noted the project has been transferred

from the Ministry of Communications to the Ministry of Science and Technology for the preparation of all requirements.

According to satellite expert Falah Nouri, launching an Iraqi satellite would require collaboration with international companies specializing in Earth observation satellites. He emphasized that access to the technology required is typically restricted to these entities.

He added that a decision from higher authorities to initiate such a project requires official approvals to engage with relevant foreign entities and allocate the necessary financial resources.

Nouri further highlighted that satellites serve various purposes based on their missions, with communication, internet services, and television broadcasting falling under the Ministry of Communications and its affiliated companies.

He confirmed the official assignment of the Space Department to be the nucleus of an Iraqi space agency specializing in Earth observation satellites for civil and security purposes.