Fire extinguishing system reportedly failed

Three injured in hotel blaze on Erbil’s 100-Meter Road

ERBIL, December 14 — A hotel on Erbil’s 100-Meter Road became the scene of a fire, resulting in injuries to three individuals.

Karwan Mirawdali, the spokesman for Erbil Civil Defense, attributed the cause of the fire to a gas leak. He informed 964 that the incident was further exacerbated as the building’s fire extinguishing system failed to put the blaze out.

“Three individuals suffered injuries and smoke inhalation during the incident,” Mirawdali reported.

This marked the second fire at a hotel in Erbil in the last month, as highlighted by the Erbil Civil Defense spokesman. Expressing concern over the recurring incidents, he shared, “The first time, I personally transported the injured in my car, and regrettably, the same location experienced a fire today.”

Mirawdali further stated that authorities have urged the hotel owner to report to the police station, after determining the building’s safety features were not up to standard. Legal actions are being considered to address the issues surrounding the malfunctioning fire extinguishing system.