Officials show willingness to help

Darbandikhan residents call for a shelter for stray dogs

DARBANDIKHAN, December 13 — Darbandikhan city residents are pressing local authorities to open a shelter for stray dogs in the city, in an effort to control the animal population.

Sulayman Mohammed, the head of Darbandikhan district, informed 964 that while officials can allocate land for the shelter and initiate construction, sustaining it afterward would require considerable financial resources to cover doctors, food, and security, which the district cannot currently afford.

Mohammed emphasized the district’s willingness to collaborate with any organization willing to oversee the shelter’s operations, expressing readiness to facilitate construction under such supervision.

He highlighted a potential concern, stating, “If we establish a shelter in Darbandikhan, neighboring areas may bring stray dogs to [the town], posing a challenge in controlling them.”