Enthusiasts anticipate early release

Excitement builds among gamers in Baghdad ahead of GTA6 release

BAGHDAD, December 11 — In the Dora district of Baghdad, fans of the Grand Theft Auto game series are eagerly awaiting franchise’s forthcoming release, Grand Theft Auto VI.

Some players say they will buy the new version no matter the cost, and experts anticipate the new version will be available in markets sooner than the company’s announced date due to numerous leaks.

The first announcement for the games newest version was made nearly a week ago, and game enthusiasts responded en mass.

Gamers in Dora are preparing to purchase the new version of the game through the manufacturer’s website and although the specified release date for the game is in 2025, fans expect it to be launched within the next year.

The last release of the game was in 2013, and since then, fans have been eagerly awaiting a new version.

Hussein Adnan, a gamer, told 964: “GTA is the favorite game for all gamers, all its versions have succeeded, and the game’s manufacturer is working on development and has not failed with any previous version.”

GTA 6 is expected be a qualitative leap in the history of the game, making it exciting and realistic than previous versions.

“We all witnessed the significant interaction from gamers after the first announcement. I will buy it no matter the price because it is my favorite game, and I have a strong desire to get it,”Adnan said.