Found in possession of $60,000

Foreign national arrested at Najaf international airport with excessive cash

NAJAF, December 10 — On Sunday, Najaf International Airport’s Customs Police arrested a foreign traveler found in possession of $60,000, surpassing the permitted limit. The individual had concealed the money in a professional manner.

A statement from the Border Ports Authority, reported by Network 964, reads:

“The apprehension of a foreign traveler carrying an amount exceeding the permitted limit, according to the guidelines of the Central Bank, at Najaf Al-Ashraf Airport.

The Directorate of Najaf International Airport, in collaboration with the Customs Center and the Customs Police, successfully detained a foreign traveler who had an amount of money exceeding the authorized limit, as per the instructions of the Central Bank. The total sum amounted to (60) sixty thousand US dollars, which she had not declared and had concealed in a professional manner.

A committee was formed to draft an official report, and the accused individual was handed over to the Directorate of the Police Center at Najaf Airport for appropriate legal proceedings.”