Testing shows salt unfit for consumption

Contaminated salt sparks concern in Chamchamal market

CHAMCHAMAL, December 7 — Authorities in Chamchamal’s Shorsh district report a potentially hazardous type of salt has appeared in the local market, posing a threat to public health and safety. Authorities are urging markets and shops to refrain from selling the product.

Hawta Aziz, the Director of Shorsh district, disclosed to 964 that over two tons of suspicious salt were discovered in a local warehouse. Subsequent testing revealed the salt to be unsuitable for consumption, raising alarms about its potential adverse effects on human health.

The salt, labeled as “dria” and purportedly manufactured in Iraq, was distributed in bags by a seller, making its way into some shops.

Responding to the situation, the Shorsh district administration has taken swift action by closing the implicated warehouse. Legal procedures are underway, with authorities set to pursue appropriate action against the owner of the questionable salt.