Efforts ongoing to clear border regions

Over 560 mines and explosives neutralized in Duhok and Penjwen

ERBIL, December 7 — Some 564 mines and other explosive devices have been neutralized in Penjwen and Duhok, according to a report by the General Agency for Mine Affairs in Kurdistan (GAMA).

Jabar Mustafa, the head of GAMA, emphasized in a statement that areas in Penjwen are particularly afflicted by mines and explosives, requiring ongoing efforts to clear the border.

In Sulaymaniyah, a staggering 206,283,584 square meters of land have been contaminated by mines and explosives, with 100,844,217 square meters successfully cleared. Tragically, this endeavor has seen 5,225 recorded deaths.

Simultaneously, the General Directorate of Mine Affairs in Duhok conducted operations leading to the destruction of various mines and explosives between the villages of Ardana and Anishki. Among the explosives neutralized were the remnants of a bomb and a Napalm missile, according to official sources.

The Duhok directorate regularly issues warnings to citizens across the governorate, urging them to promptly report any explosives or hazardous remnants of war by dialing 182.