Imports to meet needs of six power stations

Iraq’s Ministry of Electricity initiates gas import negotiations with Turkmenistan

BAGHDAD, December 4 — The Ministry of Electricity announced on Monday the start of negotiations with the Turkmenistan Gas Company to import 25 million cubic meters of gas. The ministry confirmed the quantity would meet the needs of six power stations operating entirely on natural gas.

Ali Ahmed, the ministry’s Director-General of Electricity Production in the Central Region, made the announcement in a story reported by the Iraqi News Agency, and said, “In accordance with the directives of Prime Minister Mohammed Shiaa’ Al-Sudani, a delegation led by Minister of Electricity Ziyad Ali Fadel has been formed to negotiate with the Turkmenistan Gas Company to procure additional quantities of natural gas through Iran, of approximately 25 million cubic meters daily.”

He explained the quantity of gas is intended to meet the growing demand for electricity and meet fuel needs of for power stations.

Ahmed continued, “There is a connection between the southern region and the central production region, and thus it will contribute to increasing the stability of natural gas supply, in addition to reflecting on the stability of electricity supply in case of delays or technical problems in Iran.”

“If the quantity is available, the need for units operating on natural gas, including the Mansuriya, Sadr, and Basmaiyah stations, will be met 100 percent,” he said. “This also includes part of the second gas stations in southern Baghdad, and the Quds and Taji stations.”