Warning on plant diseases in plastic houses

Erbil Agricultural Research declares wheat crops safe from disease

ERBIL, December 3 — Erbil’s Agricultural Research department, operating under the Ministry of Agriculture, has declared wheat crops safe from disease infections, while cautioning about the prevalence of diseases within plastic houses.

Abdul Samad Mohammed, the director of agricultural research in Erbil, emphasized that wheat production in the region remains unaffected by diseases that could compromise yields. He noted, “In previous years, there have been no widespread diseases of wheat in our region.”

However, Mohammed highlighted a different scenario within plastic houses, attributing the heightened risk to the importation of plants and trees from outside the region. These plastic houses have become breeding grounds for plant diseases, including particularly hazardous ones such as nematodes.

Expressing concern, the director stated that they have alerted authorities to the peril posed by these diseases, advocating for a comprehensive inspection of trees and shrubs at border points. The diseases predominantly involve various worms, each exerting a distinct impact on plants and agricultural products.

Erbil’s Agricultural Research underscores the need for proactive measures to address disease infiltration in plastic houses and mitigate potential threats to the region’s agricultural landscape.