Strangers raise 11 million dinars for driver whose car burned

DIWANIYAH, July 31 – Residents in Diwaniyah’s Al-Shafi’iya district raised more than 11 million Iraqi dinars in five hours for a visitor from  Basra whose car caught fire on the international highway while passing through the governorate.

Haidar Nouri, an eyewitness, told 964: “When the fire broke out at the front of the car, the driver and passengers stopped on the road to put it out, and asked for help from locals but the fire spread to the fuel tank and completely destroyed the car.”

“We collected money from locals and passersby to compensate the driver for his loss since he was a stranger to the area, and it is our duty to stand by him,” he added.

Aqeel Al-Jasmi, another eyewitness, said: “The initiative to raise funds started with one of the residents of Al-Shamiyah district. He shouted, ‘Let’s help this man in his misfortune,’ and he handed $300 to the driver and left.”

“After that, everyone joined in to help, and the people from the district stood in front of the burnt car, collecting donations from passersby until the amount reached more than 11 million dinars in a process that lasted for 5 hours.”